Whom to Consult for an Eye Exam

Whom to Consult for an Eye Exam

Eyes need the proper tests and care so that they are not afflicted with any kind of disease or problem. When you wish to take an eye exam near me, you might be confused regarding the best eye doctor. You do not understand whether you must visit an ophthalmologist, an optometrist or an optician.

Eye care professionals can be divided into three categories:


These are specialist medical doctors (DOs or MDs) that have earned their doctorate in eye care. They not only test your eyes and recommend corrective lenses but they also perform surgeries of the eyes and treat certain eye conditions.

Ophthalmologists not only attend and complete medical school education but they also take post graduate training in eye care, medicinally and surgically. You can go to an ophthalmologist for an eye exam near me.


Optometrists are eye doctors that have attended medical school after college to get the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. This is a four year course offered by various optometry schools.

The optometrist is ideal for an eye exam near me as he/she can diagnose the vision problems and treat eye conditions with medicines and eye drops. They can prescribe contact lenses, spectacles, low vision aids and other treatment options to treat various eye ailments. They usually do not perform any eye surgery.


Opticians are not the eye doctors. They are simply professionals that teach patients the way to use contact lenses, remove and take care of the lenses and glasses. They will show around the glasses, take care that they fit well and will repair them in case of any problem.

They are usually trained on the job as there is no definite or separate course for this type of work. You can choose them to have an eye exam near me but they will not be able to diagnose any medical problem with the eye and refer you to a specialist.

Get Annual Eye Exam

There is no set standard as far as frequency of eye exam is concerned. Depending upon your age and any eye ailments that may be troubling you, it is better to get the eyes examined annually.

You must tell your doctor about any past health problems that you might be facing and any medicines that you might be having. This is crucial information as there are medicines that are known to cause eye related side effects.

Your eye doctor will decide whether these medicines can be replaced with some other medicines or not.