Friday 10 July 2020
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The How and Why of Plastic Surgery

The How and Why of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is sought after for varying reasons. You could need reconstructive plastic surgery that is usually covered by insurance or cosmetic plastic surgery that usually is for the looks. A quick visit to professional plastic surgeons like gives you a vivid idea of how much plastic surgery helps. Here is a look at the hows and whys of plastic surgery.

The hows of plastic surgery

Before you go ahead, you need;

To establish the reason

Why are you considering plastic surgery? The primary reason should be you not to impress another person. Be honest about your need for the procedure; that’s the only way to enjoy the benefits.

Be specific

Plastic surgeons work with all sorts of people, and giving a vague description of what you want may not deliver the results you expect. Try to be as specific as you can to allow the doctor to provide a procedure that matches your needs.

Be realistic

Plastic surgery is, after all, medicine, not magic. Setting unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment.  The plastic surgeon will do all they can to perfection, but at 70, you can’t expect to look 20, at least 50 maybe 60 should do, it is more than perfect.

Settle for a reputable plastic surgeon

Go for a board-certified and skilled plastic surgeon, not a random pick that promises to deliver at a cheap rate.  You need a doctor you can trust, who prioritizes your care and not what they pocket. A surgeon who has your best interests at heart might seem expensive, but the results speak volumes, giving you the best possible plastic surgery and follow up to ensure it is a success.

Five whys of plastic surgery

Correct deformities

A particular body part may not have formed properly. It could cause emotional and physical handicaps, but with plastic surgery, such concerns could be addressed. Rhinoplasties (nose job), for instance, is a common procedure that could help you correct sinus cavity deformity that could make breathing a challenge, cause sleep apnea as well as recurrent sinus infections.


Accidents could leave long-lasting effects, and plastic surgery can help. Scars, for instance, could make you uncomfortable and even affect your confidence as you step out. Moreover, procedures such as correcting the skin from burns help to regain a firm and protective barrier that if left unattended, affects your health such as by causing dehydration as the skin is unable to function as it should.

Reconstruct missing parts

Some conditions, such as breast cancer may lead to procedures such as mastectomy. Although the procedure is medically necessary, it results in loss of your entire or part of your breast. That’s where the reconstruction procedures come in, giving the patient a comfortable and desirable breast size.

Offset aging effects

Aging signs could affect your self-esteem, and in some industries, even lead to demotions or job loss. Cosmetic surgery such as facelifts and Botox comes in handy at such instances, allowing you to maintain the vibrant and youthful looks.

Weight loss and postnatal results

Massive weight loss or postnatal takes a toll on your body, leaving considerable skin sagging as it rapidly shrinks. Apart from the looks, the excess skin could cause irritations and even severe infections, making it one of the reasons people consider plastic surgery.

If done by a professional, plastic surgery delivers numerous benefits. Ensure that you are doing it for the right reasons to gain the most out of the procedure.