Signs Your Dad Might Not Be Your Biological Father

Signs Your Dad Might Not Be Your Biological Father

Anyone who is a fan of watching daytime talk shows are aware of how it is so painful to know and confront the longstanding doubts about paternity. But these questions are prone to surface for many people in a variety of cases. Here are some of the signs you are seeking if you are doubtful about your parentage or the signs to he might be your father, but he isn’t your daddy. Read on for the same.

Physical and Personality Traits

Your physical characteristics and to an extent your personality traits are a direct outcome of the DNA you have inherited from your parents. So, it should not appear as a surprise to you that this is the first sign people recognize in the case of paternal misidentification. Obviously, this is not a set in stone test. Many people just resemble their biological mother. Besides this, it is quite likely to inherit a couple of recessive genes for characteristics that neither of the biological parents outwardly manifests in any way. A straightforward instance of this case is a blue eyed child being born to a set of brown eyed parents. Still, if you find that you have zero resemblance to the person you believe to be your alleged father, it is one big red flag enough to take more conclusive actions.

Inconsistent timetables

Some people have the ability to confirm their fears about their doubtful parental lineage via inconsistent or impossible timelines in regards to conception. The most common instance of this case is the inconsistencies between physical presence and the gestation time period. For instance, if later you find out that the person you believe to be your alleged father was stationed at the military base or travelling nine months before you were conceived, this can surely raise some doubts.

Lack of love and attention

No matter if they are not aware of any deception, it is still very common for masculine to have a sixth sense about if this child is actually theirs. No party is actually sure about this in this case. But, the idea is triggered by the very fact that the inverse is likely to be true as well. Parents and siblings often feel deep connection instantly when reuniting after long periods of separation. So if you are shocked to find out when your father figure showered your siblings with love and attention and treating you with apathy at the same time, it is possible that he is not your biological father.

DNA Paternity Test is the only way to finding your biological father

The signs above may surely be justifiable to answer your questions like finding your biological father or about the family narratives you have raised yourself with, keep in mind that this is not the only definitive proof. For this, you will need to take and undergo a DNA paternity test and subject your genes to comparison to those of the man you once blindly believed to be your biological father.