Saturday 11 July 2020
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Rejuvenate Yourself by Making a Bath Art with Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars

Rejuvenate Yourself by Making a Bath Art with Bath Bombs or Bubble Bars

A bath bomb comprises of sodium bicarbonate, food color, corn starch, citric acid and Epsom salt with essential oils. All these ingredients play a major role in giving a spa feeling. Bath bomb gives a fuzzy feeling in water once it is soaked in it. With beautiful aroma and color it makes you calm. However, if you are not fascinated by fizz, but by bubbles then you should go for something that creates bubbles.

There are bubble bars that are used to create bubbles in water. Although it also helps in rejuvenating your body, but the ingredients used in it are completely different than bath bombs. It is a myth that only women enjoy bubble bath, it is men too who enjoy the same, but don’t admit it.

Let’s take a look at the difference between the two –

  • Bath bomb
  • Bubble bar

Bubble bar

Bubbles form and burst when they come in contact with your body giving you a sensational feeling. It not only tickles your body, but also increases blood circulation which is good for enhancing metabolism rate. However, there is tactic of using a bubble bar. You just don’t dip the entire bar into stagnant water that would not give any results. If you want good amount of bubbles then use the entire bar or just crumble it and take a piece.

Keep the remaining in tight sealed box to avoid contact with moisture. Moisture can spoil its property and it would not be of any use further. To get bubbles you will have to put the piece in tub and open water tap with force. The more the force the more are the bubbles. So now you know, that one bubble bar can be used 2 to 3 times.

Bath bomb

They are safe for kids and adults as well. The essential oils and Epsom salt gives it some medicinal benefits. Due to the chemicals citric acid and sodium bicarbonate it gives a fizzy property. However, when you use bath bomb you need to dip the entire bomb at one time. It doesn’t provide you with bubbles but spreads in entire water mixing color into it.

It is food color that is used thus, isn’t harmful and you don’t require to wash your body with soap after coming out. The oils mixed in it leaves your body smooth as silk, but while coming out of tub you need to be cautious and avoid slipping.

Now that you know the difference between bubble bars and bombs, you need to decide your favorite aroma and look and customize accordingly.