Wednesday 5 August 2020
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Pre and Post Hospitalization in Health Insurance

Pre and Post Hospitalization in Health Insurance

Every person needs health Insurance plan, as it not only helps you financially during a medical emergency; it also helps you to recover your expenses before and after treatments. There are certainly some terms and conditions applicable to the expenses coverage.

Pre Hospitalization: Pre-hospitalization includes any kind of diagnosis or tests performed on the patients to diagnose the medical conditions and start medication on the patient. The plan covers expenses within thirty days before a patient is admitted to the hospital.  The kind of pre-hospitalization expenses included in the coverage plan is urine tests, blood tests, x-rays etc.

Post Hospitalization: Post hospitalization expenses are any expense you incur within 60 days after you are discharged from the hospital. The doctors might recommend the patients to take some of the tests to gauge the health recovery process. There are certain times where doctors will ask you to take the help of therapists for the recovery process.. The number of days to include post hospitalization expenses might vary according to the insurance providers.

The policyholder can claim the pre and post hospitalization expenses by the receipts generated from each of the processes of diagnosis. It is important for you to understand whether your health Insurance plan includes all Pre and post Hospitalization coverage or not.


Hospital Covers in Health Insurance


If you enroll in a health Insurance policy, you are a benefit. In case you suffer from any injury or accidents, you do not have to worry about the expenses you are going to pay in the hospital. Health Insurance is going to do everything for you. The insurance plan covers all the expenses in the hospital. The expenses such as room rents, expenses related to medical prescriptions, diagnostics, regular Medical checkups, Ambulance fees, Surgery, treatments, delivery expenses, Accident related treatments; death-related expenses are covered through the Health Insurance plans.


Necessary Hospital Covers Of a Health Insurance

If you are planning to get good treatment and service related to your illness in India, You will definitely go for private hospitals.. The prices of the services are increasing and it is not possible to afford the private medical services always. You will need a Health Insurance to get quality services at an affordable price. There is some necessary coverage you need when you are admitted to a hospital.

Medical Check-ups: To ensure the treatment is working on you, you need to go for regular checkups to hospitals and each visit to your doctor would incur a definite amount of visiting fees. As you visit doctors more often, you would need your health insurance to cover for your expenses. That would save you a lot of money.

Tests: Doctor would need a certain number of tests to ensure that the reason for your illness is correctly identified. It is not cheap to cover for the tests in India, as the prices of the tests will be solely dependent on the city and severity of your symptoms. You would need your Health insurance to cover for your test-related expenses.

Room rent related expenses: Once doctor identifies the cause of your illness or if you suffer from an unexpected disease then you would need to stay under doctor’s observation for your speedy recovery. To feel at home, you would need a private room equipped with all facilities. Again, the facilities do not come at a low price. To cover for your room expenses, you would need health Insurance.

Medical prescriptions: Unless you take proper medications, you will not be able to recover from the illnesses. Moreover, the prescriptions for the severe health conditions would need powerful medicines and they will not come free of cost. If you have health Insurance plan with you, it can cover all your expenses related to medications.

Therapies: In case you have surgeries, the doctor would recommend you to go for therapies after being discharged from the hospital. Each therapy session would cost you some thousands of rupees. The health insurance should cover these expenses related to therapies.

When you understand the important factors to consider while choosing the Health Insurance plans, you would end up getting the best health insurance plan for yourself. Along with the consideration of a number of people included in your insurance plan, it is also important to consider the specialties every insurance plan offers you. This way you will be able to decide which plan is best for you.