Thursday 28 May 2020
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Know More about Indian Remy Hair Extensions before Using Them

Know More about Indian Remy Hair Extensions before Using Them

There are different types of hair extensions in the fashion world and Remy hair is one such type that is used by hair stylists. These hairs from human are worn by women as a part of the fashion statement that they show off. These hairs are in high demand and are growing more popular as days go by. There is Remy hair, human hair, non-Remy and virgin hair is some hair types that are being most popular among the fashionista of today’s world. When the human hair is used without processing and has been collected from a single person, it is called virgin hair. This hair does not contain perms, color or bleach and it has not gone through any washes.

Remy hair and Virgin hair

The hair extension obtained from human hair but is treated with washes are actual Remy hair and non-Remy hair is hair where the roots of the hair and the tips are mixed up from hairs of different persons. It can also be synthetic hair. This hair does not retain the cuticles of the hair as the Remy hairs do. The non-Remy hair also goes through chemical processing and that gives a tangle free look.  The Remy hair and Virgin hairs are human hair but the Remy hair goes through bleach or color but this does not happen with virgin hair. Virgin hair is therefore considered the best hair and is very costly for the same reason.

Cuticles of Remy hairs

The name Remy hair is collected from donors and processed for making the hair look soft, tangle free and manageable easily. The hair also looks gorgeous on the user. The tangle free hair is the best form of extension hair. The cuticles are intact in these hairs and so they can be set in a single direction. This is same as when the hair grows from the skull of the user. The hair strands face the same direction and this distinguishes Remy hair from other human hair.

Cuticle is found in hairs and the work of cuticles is to give protection to the hair. This part of the hair also works to keep in the hair moist and supple. When this cuticle is not there is the human hair extension, the hair gets affected sooner from any type of brushing or styling. The water from washing also gives the hair a limp look and it becomes less suitable for styling or adding volume to your own hair.

Keeping good the Remy hair

When you are using Indian remy hair extensions you should take good care of the extension. Use conditioner to pamper the extension. You will have to shampoo each day and then dry them out. These keep the hair odor free. You can use any hair product on your hair extension but make sure you use alcohol free caring products. You should use blow dryers on your hair extension when it is most necessary. Use lowest setting of any heat styling appliances. You can also use hair spray that is heat protected and good for hair extension. Check the brushes and combs that you use for such hair and make sure they are wide toothed and gives a gentle swipe to your hair. Air dry the extensions before storing and detangle them. This will give them longer life.