Friday 25 September 2020
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How to lose weight quickly?

To change your diet, it is necessary to reduce the caloric intake moderately, i.e. first the fat and the fast sugars. It is essential to respect good dietary practices (see “The guide to good food practices”) by adding some simple rules.

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  • Do not skip meals, especially the breakfast that must stay copious. Make a light meal in the evening;
  • Do not eat anything apart from meals. If you are hungry between meals, drink a large glass of water, coffee or tea without sugar. Drink also before the meal and in the middle of the meal;
  • Continue to eat starchy foods at every meal: pasta, rice, potatoes or bread. They provide a sense of satiety and provide the energy you need, as well as fiber. On the other hand, all that accompanies them is to limit: fat sauces, butter, cheese, fresh cream, etc. It is therefore necessary to consume these starchy foods alone or with a seasoning without sugar or fat;
  • Remove sugary soft drinks;
  • Remove alcohol and beer. You can continue to drink wine, preferably red, limiting yourself to one drink a day;
  • Avoid eating out of your home because it is harder to control your diet. In the restaurant it is sometimes possible, with friends it is more difficult. If you make a good meal with several, it is necessary to try to reduce the quantities and especially never to serve you a dish;
  • Choose lean meats and focus on poultry without skin, fish and shellfish;
  • Beware of hidden fats: avoid all meats in sauce, greasy sausages, gratins rich in milk, butter or cream, gruyere and eggs, fries, pastries and pastries, sweets and chocolate, ice cream, cakes aperitifs;
  • Eat vegetables at will and in all their forms: raw, cooked, in soup;
  • Eat two fruits a day, but no more.

List of prohibited drugs for weight loss

If you are considering using diet medications, you should pay attention to the drugs you are going to take. Indeed, instead of losing weight effectively, some of these products constitute a real health hazard. We have therefore drawn up a list of potentially dangerous drugs, and therefore banned as part of a slimming cure.

In general, we should avoid trying to lose weight with drugs based on Amfepramone, Clobenzorex, Mefenorex, Fenproporex, Dexenfluramine or Sibutramine. Here are the best known: Mediator, Sibutral, Prefamone Chronules, Dinintel, Reductil, Acomplia, Moderatan, Dinitrophenol, Isomeride, Anorex, Tenuate Dospan, Incital.

So, there are a number of drugs that have the property of reducing weight, provided of course to have been prescribed by a doctor and associated with a diet and a healthy lifestyle. However, while some of the side effects induced by these drugs may be tolerated by the consumer’s body, others may be harmful to health or even fatal. The disadvantages are multiple and are classified according to the category of drugs, the role they are supposed to play in the process of thinning.

The appetite suppressants

As the name suggests, an appetite suppressant is a medication used to decrease appetite or delay hunger, so that the individual can lose weight by eating little. Most of these are amphetamine products that can cause kidney dysfunction, psychiatric disorders, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, etc.

Thyroid substances

weight loss

These are hormones whose main role is to burn fat much faster than a diet. However, this action is not without risk, since it can lead to a massive muscle wasting, with the added bonus of a greater weight recovery at the end of the cure. In addition, health hazards include palpitations, hot flashes, nervousness, and heart problems that can lead to death.

Diuretic products

Used to fight against overweight, diuretic drugs give misleading results. Indeed, if a loss of weight is indeed observed, it is not a reduction of fat, but rather of the water contained in the body. Which in the long run inevitably leads to acute dehydration, peaks of fatigue and vertigo, cardiovascular disorders and syncope that can be life threatening.

Plant derivatives

As natural as they are, herbal medicines used to lose weight also represent a danger to health. Indeed, some substances (ephedrine for example) from the plants prescribed in this area cause side effects, such as severe heart problems.