How Can Lakeside Academy Provides the Best Care for Your Child?

How Can Lakeside Academy Provides the Best Care for Your Child?

Every parent has a desire for their teenage boys to grow up in excellence and reach their goals in life. However, there are teenage boys who are heading down to the wrong path due to various factors. Some are struggling with anger, rebellion, lack in personal responsibility or motivation, and drug use.

The Lakeside Academy Programs provide individualized clinical assessment, an empirically proven cognitive-behavioural treatment model that addresses the whole person. They provide various Troubled Teen Programs.

The Lakeside Academy is a Christian Behaviour and Recovery Centre for teenage boys from 13-18 years of age. These are boys who are heading down the wrong path due to drugs and substance abuse, anger management, and other behavioural issues. It is set on 48 acres in Buffalo, MN; this institution offers various Troubled Teen Programs and they have licensed chemical dependency treatment, mental health and other counselling services, and onsite education which include online, conventional, and project-based learning, all in a campsite environment.

The program integrates opportunities to learn and grow in faith, into everything they do. From adventure activities, to their focus on excellence in academics they always seek to foster teenage boys’ understanding about others, God, and themselves. They make sure that the parents find it comfortable to allow their boys to go through the program.

Lakeside Academy has three promises to parents. One is to assure parents that their children are valued and respected by the staff, treated equally by giving the same care, and treating them as if they are treating their own family. Second is assuring them that the boy’s well-being is their top priority. He will be consistently surrounded with Christian teachings and principles. Lastly, they will work with the child to help teach him gratitude, responsibility, appreciation, self-control, leadership, submission to authority, time-management, and a strong work ethic.

They provide various services such as, the 6-12-month program on behavioral rehabilitation, licensed residential chemical dependency treatment, the long-term recovery program which is up to 12 months in their Christian Behaviour and Recovery Program. There are also mental health services which are based on the assessed need, including co-occurring disorders.

The academy also provides therapies in a holistic manner. They provide individual therapy for teenage boys, which include weekly mentoring sessions with their primary counsellors. This individual therapy session is tailored in order to address the current need of the individual, his progress in the program, and the staff and teacher input.

They also have community therapy sessions, which they hold daily and are facilitated by a trained addiction staff. They address community strengths, problem areas, family dynamics, individual step work and step progression, and an open dialogue about progress and concerns for group members. The academy also believes in the power of family. Thus, they also have Family Support Program which benefits the whole family from having a basic understanding of substance use treatment and recovery, and the therapies that the child needs. The Lakeside Academy provides bi-monthly Parent Weekends to educate family members.

If you feel like your child needs help, the Lakeside Academy will provide care for you.