Wednesday 13 November 2019
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Few Reasons to Consider for Dental Implants

Few Reasons to Consider for Dental Implants

A person who has a healthy smile will always be popular in the society. Many people believe that if you want to attract any member of opposite sex, then smile can be one of your key weapons. However, when we grow older there are greater chances that you may lose any of your prominent tooth that may affect your smile.

In case you lose your tooth then there are three popular choices available to you.

  • Bridges
  • Dentures
  • Implants

In the field of dentistry, bridges and dentures are very common methods used as a remedy for missing tooth however, nowadays dental implants are also growing in popularity. This is considered as a new technological method as it is very less time consuming and less invasive too.

In case you too are considering to replace your missing tooth then following are few reasons, why you must consider dental implants.

  1. Less agitation

In case of dentures, it rests directly on the gums and hence it is capable of creating lots of friction and due to that reason, there are chances of ulcers and development of white patches on the gum. In case of implants, it is directly fused with the jaw bone and hence it can imitate almost like any natural teeth.

  1. Do not rely too much on adjacent teeth

If you go for bridges you also have to treat your natural teeth in order to anchor with your artificial tooth. This has a chance that you may damage your healthy teeth too. There is a chance of development of cavity or building up of plaque. However, in case of implants, it does not depend on adjacent teeth.

  1. Much easier to clean

In case of dentures, it has to be soaked and cleaned so that any unpleasant smell is not developed. In case of implant you can easily clean your teeth as you normally do with your natural teeth.

  1. No refitting

Dentures have the tendency to become lose even with the perfect mold. However, in case of dental implant there is no need of any readjustments or refitting in order to keep them in working order.

  1. No bone loss

People who has missing teeth problem often suffer from erosion of jawbone. Due to the pressure of chewing, bone growth is also affected. Therefore, the missing tooth area will experience a form of decay. With implants, there is no such issue.

Though this procedure may be little expensive they prove to be better in the longer run.