Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser Vs. Sclerotherapy: Which Works For Varicose Veins Better?

Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser Vs. Sclerotherapy: Which Works For Varicose Veins Better?

Embarrassed about varicose veins? Well, for most people, varicose veins are a cosmetic concern, especially when there is no pain or other symptoms associated. Varicose veins refer to blood vessels that get enlarged, swollen and appear blueish or purple in color on the surface of the skin. In this post, we will discussCynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser, and how it is different from sclerotherapy.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a traditional treatment for varicose veins and has been around since 1930s. The treatment is rather simple on paper – a sclerosing solution is injected to the vein using a very fine needle, which may cause some pain and discomfort for a while. Sclerotherapy can be completed as an outpatient procedure and requires somewhere around 45 minutes or less. A number of veins can be targeted at the same time, depending on certain factors. While sclerotherapy is known for being a good treatment choice, the side effects can be severe at times. The larger veins can become lumpier, and can be spots, bites, and bruising at the injection site. Also, you may see thin and tiny varicose veins at the same site.

What is Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser?

Laser treatment for varicose veins is comparatively new, but Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser has shown incredible promise. This kind of treatment uses two lasers in the same pulse – laser Nd: Yag and PDL laser. PDL for the uninitiated stands for pulse dye laser. Yes, you may have some pain with Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser, as well, but most other side effects are done away with. The treatment can be done in the clinic, and it doesn’t take more than 15 minutes for a session. Most patients see considerable change in just one session, while others may need a second or third one, with a gap of six weeks in between each session. When the Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser is used, the varicose veins absorb the energy, which causes destruction of the blood vessels.

Many clinics offer free consultation for varice, so take an appointment to know what may work for you. Cynosure Multiplex Vascular Laser is considered to be a safe and advanced treatment for varicose veins and the results have been phenomenal so far. As mentioned, you can minimize some of the side effects and considerable pain. Just make sure that you know the procedure well and have a realistic idea of the final results.